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What's new aboard the Wolf's Den?

Changes and latest additions:

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What's new on the Wolf's Den

5th July

Description of Solo's Rapid Fire Blaster added to the Armoury.

25th June

The last chapters of the POV "The Price" have been published in the POV-Theater! Now you can read the complete story!!!!

17th June

Remodelled version of the personalized logos for Arachnoid and Solo's bio posted.

Vyper's logo added, thanks to Arachnoid!

Hardrive's bio updated, as well as the weapon information about the Two Button Staff in the Armoury.

Just in case you haven't already noticed: Part VIII of the POV "The Price" has been published in the POV-Theater!

8th June

Our artist Arachnoid delivered some new and stunning images, which now replace the A-Wing, B-Wing, Y-Wing and X-Wing images we had throughout the site.

Also check out Arachnoid's and Solo's bio for a glimpse on the first new and personalized logo's.

Furthermore there is a new, but still somewhat classified weapon on display in the Armory: Solo's Rapid Fire Blaster.

4th June

Wolfshead Tour of Duty for X-Wing released. Please check out or Library.

Also available: Wholfshead Squadron's very unique and amazing AVI-Video clip. This one is of course a big download, but well worth the time. Check it out!

24th May

Sparks pilot bio has been declassified. Check it out!

25th April

Sheesh! More repainting, fixing of stuff that hot broken on the move and last but not least, some work on the Message Boards.

22nd April

The big move into the new quarters aboard the Frigate Wolf's Den has begun. Whirling Droids, fresh paint and not yet unpacked boxes everywhere. Granite reports two crates of tripmines missing, so be careful while unpacking your belongings. :o)