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A long time ago in a galaxy far... far... away*, a group of intrepid female pilots suffered a serious set-back in battle against Imperial forces. After regrouping, they discovered that nearly half their fighter complement had gone missing, presumed lost in the mission. As a result, they decided to open their once exclusive ranks allowing male membership in the hopes of rebuilding what had been lost in their struggle against the Empire. You too can join our battle against the Empire to see peace and justice once again restored to the galaxy.

Welcome to the White Squad home page. Located in the FSCOMBAT Forum on CompuServe Information Services, we are a space combat gaming group based on Lucas Arts' X-Wing space combat simulator. In 1977, George Lucas created the movie Star Wars, one of the most sucessful movies in history that exemplified the fight of good over evil. In 1992, Lucas Arts published the space combat simulator X-Wing for computer gamers like us, who longed to continue the fight. Our squad and others like it continue this adventure through our game playing, story writing, and online conferences.

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